As a fast growing international internet company, our vision is simply to to improve the efficiency and quality of the blockchain ecology. Through our actions, we look forward to building a better, more friendly and fair blockchain paradise.

Our hiring and management theology started from YCombinaor’s How to Start a Startup. With our perseverance to follow through our principles, we have become one of the fastest growing, most reputable and user friendly exchanges.

Given our rapid growth in the coming year, we plan to strengthen our company values to live up to our goal of becoming one of the largest exchanges in the world within 1-2 years. We are looking for individuals who are passionate about our product and blockchain technology to join us in pursuing the path of becoming the first unicorn enterprise in Taiwan.

You will experience ups and downs on the job, whether it be challenging or exciting; we promise that all of it will be well worth it and that you are in for one hell of a ride.

We offer referral bonuses up to 1 ETH if we successfully hire a candidate you recommend to us. ( Hired candidate must stay over a month )

P.S. We expect hired candidates to start within 10 days after an offer letter is issued. However, we are open for discussion if you will not be able to start within that time frame.

關於 OTCBTC 與這份工作


OTCBTC 的團隊成員招募,以及經營原則完全遵從 YCombinaor 的 How to Start a Startup 以及眾多 Growth Principles 打造。也因為這樣的堅持,我們成為區塊鏈世界圈最快崛起,以及目前聲譽/體驗最好的交易所。(每週成長率至少 15-20%。三個月成長 300 倍。)

我們希望在未來五年,持續維持這樣的團隊氛圍 / 文化 / 成長動能。且在 1-2 年內,成為世界數一數二的區塊鏈交易所。



歡迎轉發分享,推薦成功並待滿一個月者,我們將致贈 1 ETH 給你。

P.S. 我們只有一個小小的要求,如果你希望加入我們。我們希望你在 3-10 天內能到職。如果有上一份離職上的困難(諸如離職金賠償或年終),可以跟我們討論解決。